Headingley Skyline
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Saturday 17 March
Trio Literati: War on our Doorstep (Headingley 1939)

Trio Literati
Tune into wartime Leeds through three local diary writers - a housewife, a theatre buff, and a raw recruit to the RAMC. From the price of blackout materials, to backstage dramas, to square bashing and lectures on VD, their personal stories give a colourful picture of our community as the world slid into war.

Like the famous ‘Housewife, 49’ two of the diarists were volunteers for Mass Observation, set up in 1938 to record everyday life in Britain.

Trio Literati - ‘full of energy, wit and style’ - are known for their lively mix of thought-provoking content, and lighthearted, clear delivery. Their versatile musicians - Eleanor Rastall (soprano), Jonathan Drummond (piano) and Laurie Covell (sax) - add to the WW2 ambience with the smokey, nostalgic, foot-tapping music of ‘Forces’ Favourites’: The Andrews Sisters, Glenn Miller, The Ink Spots, Vera Lynn and more.


8.00pm HEART Centre, Bennett Road