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Saturday 11 March
Trio Literati: The Exceedingly Good Writings of Mr Kipling
Trio Literati
Eleanor Rastall
Trio Literati
Eleanor Rastall
7.30pm Headingley Parish Hall (St Michael's Church Hall)
St Michael's Road LEEDS LS6 3AW
Tickets £8
A sparkling words-and-music entertainment on the works of
Rudyard Kipling.

As a highly successful journalist Kipling travelled widely across a world on the brink of change. He wrote compulsively all his life: ‘my pen took charge and I, greatly admiring, watched it write for me far into the nights.’ Well-loved stories and poems such as The Jungle Book, The Man Who Would Be King and On the Road to Mandalay are a mere fraction of his output - his war reports, playlets and science fiction - now virtually forgotten - are just as colourful.

Prepare to be surprised!

Musical duo Eleanor Rastall (soprano) and Jonathan Drummond (piano) add to
the heady mix with settings of Kipling’s own poems and popular songs
from the Empire and beyond.

Maggie Mash, Jane Oakshott and Richard Rastall gave their first performance as Trio Literati in November 2003. Set up to do simple poetry readings, the group quickly started on the enchanting and slippery slope of hats and sound effects.

They now offer a wide range of performance options, from pure poetry to fullscale dramatic works, often commissioned and scripted to fit a special occasion or place. As performers, their backgrounds are varied - television, theatre, music - but they share a passion for words and a taste for comedy. Producing many very different shows since 2003, they have gained a reputation for energy, wit and style.
Change of venue
Dave Ropbertson
Sunday 26 March
On the edge of the stage with Dave Robertson
Perhaps by jumping o'er times,
Turning the accomplishment of many years
Into an hourglass.
Could 60 odd years in the theatre be summed
up in little more than an hour?

Headingley LitFest thought so and commissioned actor/director. David Robertson to prove it.

So after recalling cliff-hanging moments, on and off stage, David launches into some of the scariest speeches of his career. Mostly they're the voices of scallywags, villains, masterminds – in fact, a whole clutch of edgy characters from the works of Marlowe, Shakespeare, Dickens, Chekhov, Ionesco and Pinter.

With comedy moments like The Batley Faust and music from the wonderful Retrolettes, we tempt you gently toward the edge of an abyss.
8.00pm New Headingley Club,
St Michael’s Road
Tickets £5
Creative Edge diver picture
Tuesday 21 March
Creative Edge
Partnership event with local creative writing groups
Sponsored by Workers Education Association
11.00am HEART Centre,
Free - donations invited for refreshments
Once again we are delighted to welcome two local groups of creative writers - from Headingley and from the Osmondthorpe Hub - to take the plunge and share their work with us.

Dark tales? Wry poems? A drama? Short stories with a twist? Or just an entertaining excerpt from life writing? An eclectic selection of pieces to fascinate, amuse or arouse your curiosity.